Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My door is open.

It's no secret that these past few months have been...quiet.  This time last year we had houses burning down, killer trees, exploding weddings, oh my!

It seems as though the Powers That Be have granted us this time of respite.  But as I stir from my rest and prepare to get back into the swing of plotting and scheming, I notice that the silence does not stop at those tricksy twisty runners.  Reddie darling hasn't deemed to make an appearance in some time.  Other authority figures such as Valtiel or Writer have also seen fit to vanish from the blog world.

Could it be that we've finally decided to stop chronicling this invisible war on these inane public online journals?  Not bloody likely.

So, here is my proposal to all you working class masked men and women, just trying to get through the day without the Tall Man deciding your entrails would look good nailed to the wall: Come to me.  If you are uncertain about what you should be doing, or how to proceed with a task that your superior has been frustratingly quiet about, then I shall endeavor to set you on the path to success.

We walkers in the night must stick together, after all, mustn't we?  Don't hesitate to approach me with any concerns you may have.

And think nothing of it.  Call it professional courtesy.


  1. Or better yet, you can come to me! Wouldn't that be fun?


  2. I've seen plenty of Valtiel. Probably too much so...

  3. Sweet fuck no, is this what we've been reduced to in my absence? Rhodes is the only person anyone can turn to for help? I won't accept it, it's simply not cricket. Something must be done...

    Sure, Rhodes old buddy, I could use your help. How 'bout you just let me know where I can find you so's we can set up a meeting and figure shit out, hmm? Old friend. I'll even bring the beer and the dead used car salesman to cook for dinner. And nevermind the shotgun, I bring that with me to all my business meetings. We'll have a grand old time, let me assure you of that.

    Stay frosty, bro.