Monday, August 6, 2012

A friendly report from the Intelligence division

This post goes out to ALL the proxies in the field.  As Ridley might say, "keep it real, mah homies!"  Because apparently he likes typing words that aren't real.

The date: August 2nd, 2012.

The time: approximately 6:30 PM.

The location: Detriot, Michigan.

Summary: Intelligence operative "Zephyr" is due to meet five enforcers to provide information on a target, [REDACTED, due to believed irrelevance].  Enforcers are half hour late, Zephyr risks visiting their safehouse. (deemed necessary by Handler Rhodes)  Upon arrival, Zephyr discovers safehouse empty, door shows sign of forced entry.  Note on table indicates field outside of city as possible location.  Zephyr proceeds to location. (Note: Unwise, operative should have immediately called for backup, was "reprimanded" lightly for this mistake)  Bodies of enforcers discovered, tied to stakes.  Zephyr contacts superior and requests cleanup team.  Evidence removed without incident.

Autopsy: Not that we exactly had to cut em open to see what snuffed em out.  Poor fucks were burnt alive.   Somehow, somebody started a fire in an open field without attracting anyone all for the sake of executing a bunch of fuckin' blanks.  The team figured the fire wasn't too old, so we just missed the pyro.  Good thing too, cause daaayum that woulda freaked out the normies.  Fuckin' pussywipes would prolly blame it on religious terrorists or something stupid as shit like that.

Conclusion: This may be the act of a deranged runner, but it is a little too elaborate for that.  Somehow, the culprit(s) kidnapped all five of the enforcers, a feat that would be almost impossible for a single runner.  M.O. inconsistent with the "Siren."  Only time will tell if this is an isolated incident, or a sign of things to come.

Handler Rhodes, Intelligence Division


  1. Shit, I wish I'd known about this before hand. I could have made a day trip to Detroit and finished this guys job for him. It would have saved the clean up team a lot of time and effort if Zephyr weren't alive to have called them.

    1. Ah, proxiehunter. Never quite grasped that cutting off a few arms doesn't really make much difference against something that only needs its head to kill you.

  2. We sure this is not Moriarty linked? Sounds like something they would do...

    1. James prefers his victims to be Call of Duty'd. I'd associate burning with something a little more religiously oriented, not the sort of thing our corporate superstar would okay.

      CRUSADER doesn't fit the M.O., either. They prefer to slice people open and leave the guts to rot, with a clear disregard for janitorial services.