Sunday, September 11, 2011

In other news!

It would appear that your beloved Schrödinger is dead.  Simply tragic.  Loss of life, particularly life so young, must always be mourned.  Especially when they likely died weeping and begging for mercy, for a swift death that would never come.  For rescue from the people they thought would save them but in actuality just failed somewhat pathetically to do anything at all.

Oh well!

Luke.  Oh, Luke, Luke, Luke.  We all knew you were a failure who never accomplished anything, but this is an all time low, even for you.  I mean, Elaine?  Of all people?  She already has a boyfriend, Luke.  And he's sort of a dimensional warping courier with a fucked up body.  Bit hard to compete with that.  Well, trash is trash, I guess.  Through and through.  Do us a favor and die in a corner somewhere where I don't have to clean it up.  That's about all you can accomplish at this point.

Last, but certainly not least,  I payed Nessa a little visit.  The poor dear and I had a nice long chat about the world, and the truth behind it.  I'm afraid...She did not react too well.  What happened to her?  Ha ha...that would be telling.  Much more exciting this way, wouldn't you say?

So much has been goin' my way lately!  And soon, I'll be ready to show you all something...Something I've been meaning to enact for a LONG time.  All the pieces are finally in place.  Now, come on, then, June.  Find me.  Kill me if you can.  Take the girl if she lives.  Take her from me!  Come on!  I'm WAITING ON YA, BUDDY!

Show me that determination!  That fiery, heroic spirit! Let me TEAR IT AWAY FROM YOU, INCH BY INCH!  Until you're just another broken, sad, WORTHLESS PILE OF FLESH!  HAHAHA!


  1. Rhodes

    I don't know what it is worth to talk to you about anything

    but Cheshire is dead. I avenged Emma.

    I'm still sorting everything else out. But thank you for your sympathy.

  2. Of course, dear. Well done indeed, by the way. Delightfully cruel. I must say I have gained some respect for Rachael as well as Maurice.

    Do take care of yourself.

  3. Emma is important to me. I do not relish the kill.

    ...Cheshire, he didn't even resist, he didn't even want to fight.

    But he ate her. There are limits especially with those that I love.

    Do you understand?

  4. Course. I wouldn't wanna eat her.

    Probably tasted like poetry. Eurgh.

  5. I am curious though.

    How do you feel about cannibalism?

  6. I don't much believe in inconveniencing myself to cause suffering.

    I dislike the taste of meat. It would be inconvenient. So many more efficient ways of shocking the living using the dead.

  7. Like fucking them. Or dousing them in lye and videotaping the effects. Or setting them on fire! So many possibilities.

    Too bad Rhodes is all talk. We'd have some fun, otherwise. And by fun, I mean the bloggers would likely die in brutally bloody ways every other day.