Friday, August 19, 2011

A new project

My my, it's been so busy in our little community, hasn't it?  The Mad Ventriloquist has had people in his disgusting rat-hole for the first time in years, Konaa had his tussle with the Tree, and of course, Mr Redlight finally bowed out.  Good riddance- no class at all, that one.  My compliments to Mr Dwyer and Mrs Delmont for showing him the door.

As for little old me?  I've been rather out of sight lately, haven't I?  I'm so sorry, my beloved fans, but my brand of cruelty may be a bit sparse in the coming days- I've a new mark, one that I've been waiting a LONG time to find.

Heh.  Heheh.  You know who you are.  Don't think you can run away from your own desire, my dear.  We're the same, and you don't need to go very deep down to realize that.

Take my hand.  Step into a new world.


  1. stop



  2. What did you do to piss Morningstar off so irrevokably?

    Following this blog intently. Maybe I can gain insight as to how your kind operates.

  3. @Lucia: I do believe the phrase "you jelly" would accurately describe Morningstar's motivation towards hating me.

  4. I've always heard about you, but I gotta confess. I'm a bit disappointed with having finally found your blog. So little to go off of. The hype is over exaggerated.