Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy busy busy

Such a turbulent time we live in.  I've simply had no time whatsoever to update this blog.  Let me start out simple, shall I?  As you may have guessed from Konaa's updates, I had a bit of a discussion with dear.."H."  Oh, my poor dear, I could sense you cringing as you saw me mention you.  Don't worry.  I have no intention of revealing your identity- it amuses me further this way.

And lemme tell you, bitch, you're the easiest mark I've had yet!  Two sentences and you were weeping so hard I thought you might have turned the faucets on.  So much despair!  I wanted to take a picture of it and frame it on my wall!  Hahaha!

Konaa's excellent throw caused me a bit of pain, but I've had no time to sit and recover.  Today I sat down for an interview with a captured member of CRUSADER.  I needed information, you see, and fortunately for the young man I was in the mood to ask politely.  Unfortunately I cut his ear off halfway through my first question.  Jumped the gun, I'm afraid, always doing that, far too eager, that's my problem.

Seriously, how much blood do you fuckers HAVE?  Lay off the fatty food, assholes.

I managed to retrieve the information I sought, and I even untied him.  Of course, without either ear, a nose, or hands, I think he'll have trouble even getting to the hospital.  Oh well.  I'm sure he'll be fine.

Until next time, my friends.

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  1. He could have simply crawled. Hands aren't necessary for such a thing, as painful as it might be.